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Related article: Date: Sun, 20 May 2001 01:43:12 -0000 From: David S Subject: After Dark in the ParkThis is a true story that happened early one spring morning in 1982. Memorial Park is still there, but the crackdown on "deviant activity" (and 18 hours in jail!) has driven many men (including myself) from ever going there again. And now the city keeps most of the parking lots and trails locked up most of the time.Prior to the mid 80's, Houston's Memorial Park was a haven for after-hours "encounters". Many well-worn trails led from the multiple parking areas into the ravines or the bank of Buffalo Bayou where you could find what you were looking for 24 hours per day--7 days per week.It was approximately 3:00 am--and a near-full moon was shining brightly, but it was a weeknight so things were slow. I was looking at the shadows being thrown by the full moon through the branches of the trees and watching the occasional car drive by.I then noticed a car driving through on the other side of the park with a spotlight shining on every car parked--the police....shit! Even though they didn't make a habit of cruising through Memorial Park after dark, they would occasionally drive by and irritate you with their spotlight. Preteen Model Toplist This time, however, things were different. I heard the cop on his loudspeaker saying, "The park is closed--you'll have to leave."I knew the road the cop was on would wind through the park and come right by me so I avoided that encounter altogether by driving off and heading for home. I was about half way home when I began thinking, "...there are no signs posted that the park is closed...who the hell does 'Betty Badge' think he is..." and I immediately turned around and drove back to the park (could that have been my first mistake?)The cop had succeeded--the park was deserted so I picked a good parking spot and stopped. No more than 5 minutes had elapsed until I saw another car coming through and pull into the parking area where I was and wouldn't you know it...a police car. No spotlight blinded me, but the policeman pulled up behind me blocking any chance of an exit, turned off the headlights and the got out and approached my truck.I had been sitting there with the door of my truck open and I was still in the driver's seat but both feet were on the ground. He walked right up to me with a friendly, "How's it going?"He was a very attractive man, maybe 5'10" tall of Hispanic origin. Dark hair, dark eyes, mustache and all I could think of was being hauled downtown by a hunk like him. I was ready for him to say something like, "...can I see your license and registration..." or something like that but "How's it going"?My Preteen Model Toplist brain went into overdrive to think of what to say, and all I could come up with is some lame excuse about not being able to sleep so I went for a drive. He mentioned that there was no one in the park but I countered with I wasn't looking for a place with people--I was just killing time until I got sleepy. Then the plot thickened.The cop said, "You're out here looking for dick, aren't you?" and with that, his right hand reached down and closed over his crotch. I was either in a lot of trouble, or I was going to have a good time after all.I ignored the grope and quipped, "Dick who?"He said, Preteen Model Toplist "You know what I mean and I've got a hard one that really needs a blowjob." His crotch-rubbing became more pronounced as I saw his cock start to grow right through his uniform slacks. Common sense then took over for me."Look, man," I said, "I may be here looking for dick, but not with a cop in full uniform. Suicide.""No, I give you my word. I'm as horny as hell and need to cum badly. No one is in the park except you and me."With that he unzipped his fly and pulled out the nicest, semi-hard cock I had seen in quite a while. As a moth is drawn to a flame, he moved another step towards me and I leaned forward and swallowed his cock all the way. As I tighten my throat around it, I could feel the blood surging into his cock making it swell up to it's full length of about 7" and it got so fat I felt like I was swallowing a soda can!"Ohhhhhh, man!" the cop exclaimed, "Yeahhhhh!!"I repositioned myself by dropping to my knees in front of this hunk of a cop. He began to thrust his hips, fucking my hungry mouth. I could only wonder how many women he had used this weapon on--yet he was enjoying what I was doing! I was enjoying it too and, by this time, I had pulled my now erect cock out of my blue jeans and was stroking it like there was no tomorrow.We got into a pretty good rhythm of thrusting and sucking when the thrusting got out of hand. His nightstick had begun swinging back and forth at his side and it suddenly cracked me up side of the head. He stopped the nightstick from swinging and muttered, "Sorry." I just kind of grumbled--I knew better than to talk with my mouth full!Suddenly he began to moan louder and louder.He said, "Oh, man, I'm gonna cum!" which drove me into a frenzy of sucking harder. His cock swelled up even more and I felt his nuts tighten. At that moment I pulled him into my face and forced his throbbing cock down my throat. I held him there--with my nose buried in his pubic hairs as he pumped shot after shot of hot cum down my throat. I kept my gag reflex in check and could feel his cock surge in my throat with each shot. His legs trembled but I held him up. I kept his cock down after the climax and worked my throat muscles all over the super-sensitive head. I groaned as I shot my load between his legs. Then, he shuddered and said,"Uncle!"I released my throat-grip on his cock and let him start to pull out as I reached behind me and retrieved a soft towel out of my truck that I always carried for such occasions. I began to wipe what little moisture was left on his cock and licked his balls at the same time. Then I wiped up all remaining cum and spit.As I began to stand up, I tucked my dying dick back into my jeans. The cop began to stuff his dying dick back into his slacks."Whew." I said. "That was more fun I've had without laughing in a long time!"The cop smiled one of those sexy, Hispanic smiles and said, "Same here." He then stepped toward me, reached down to cup my dick and balls in his hand through my jeans and said, "Thanks. You don't know how badly I needed that. By the way, the name's Mark."Still breathing heavily and not believing what had just happened, all I could say was, "David." After a couple of deep breaths I had to break the silence and asked if he ever worked in the narcotics division."No. Why?""Well, because then I could always remember this as `After Dark in the Park with a Narc named Mark'.""Cute!" he replied with that sexy smile. He finished pulling himself together, thanked me again, and as he started off towards his cruiser, glanced back and said, "Remember, I wasn't here."I smiled as my Ultimate Fantasy Come True ended, and replied, "I wasn't either."I'd like your comments about the story...but please remember that I'm a telephone repairman-- not a writer, so gentle!
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